Complex doesn’t have to mean complicated

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We have extensive knowledge and experience in data management and analysing business processes.


We take complex data and business rules and structure them within our customisable hub.

Because our hub is so easily customisable, we can build a cost-effective solution for you in a matter of weeks.


Business Information Analysis

Our in-depth business process analysis, combined with our deep understanding of system architecture and solution design, means we can create a customised solution for your specific compliance needs in a matter of weeks.

Information Structuring

Our competitive advantage comes from our ability to combine your content, data and methodologies with our customisable ‘fit-for-purpose’ Metior Hub modules. This results in the optimal configuration, structuring and management of all your information in one place.

Solution Creation

We have extensive experience in data management and in developing data-centric solutions for complex regulatory compliance rules. Using our software development skills and relational database architecture experience, we customise our Metior Hub modules to create an efficient and easy-to-use interface to suit your specific compliance needs.

Metior Hub is proudly brought to you by Mettis Interactive Services. Mettis, the creator of iTax, has been developing software-as-a-service solutions since 2004.

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