Metior Hub means compliance made easy.

Pierre van Zyl: Customer Engagement and Operations


Metior Hub creates customised compliance software, including monitoring, diagnostics, registers, document libraries and many more, without over complicating things.

Off-the-shelf software can never deliver exactly what business requires, and is often developed by competitors, whereas developing your own compliance software comes with expensive development, timeline, and infrastructure costs. Metior Hub offers a third option.

Metior Hub creates customised compliance software to support its clients’ brand by encapsulating their DNA and “way of doing business” into existing modules. Using existing technology leads to a faster build time, with the benefit of software-as-a-service pricing with no development, hosting, or infrastructure costs.

Metior Hub not only reduces the demand on resources and time, but its clients have access to a dedicated team from business analyst, solution architect to developer.

Speak to us today to hear how we can help you meet your compliance obligations with greater ease and cost-efficiency. And a minimum of hassle.

Peace of Mind

Metior Hub is securely hosted by a global leader in data centre provisioning. It is protected using world-class security measures and SSL encryption, including network and system security. Application level authentication includes alphanumeric user password validation with automatic account locking and user session logging.

Metior Hub is proudly brought to you by Mettis Interactive Services. Mettis, the creator of iTax, has been developing software-as-a-service solutions since 2004.

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